After years of being a closet writer, my poems started to tell me they wanted to get out more . I have a roving rambling heart myself so I completely understand . Happy travels .

Saturday, August 24, 1996


Thank you, love, I think I'm better now
She just got scared, she just got scared
And petrified my face deep in my hands
For the shame of maybe not knowing how...

But you get to the point
Where you have to let out

And there you were...and her
And everything else that had been inside
Being found, had no reason to hide
So I had all the reasons in the world to cry

And that's not an excuse
Can't have excuses
When I'm back in the beat
(that almost drummed me deaf)
But thanks for the break
And thanks for the chance
And thank you for the love
Because I am better now

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