After years of being a closet writer, my poems started to tell me they wanted to get out more . I have a roving rambling heart myself so I completely understand . Happy travels .

Friday, October 29, 2010


I am one and I am fun
I have big blue charming eyes
Which could melt the clouds out from the skies
When I smile the room gets bright
When I get the chance, I'm out of sight
Up, up, up, up the stairs I go
Far, far, far, before they know
I'm faster now that I can walk
Soon I will run, won't that be a shock!

I am one and I am fun
My heart is big and smart
My hugs are nice and snug
My kisses are sweet blisses
One look and you are hooked

I'm my mummy's boy, my daddy's joy
I'm my whole family's pride
One year and what a ride!
And I am loved by everyone
'Cause I am one and I am fun
                                                    - For my nephew

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