After years of being a closet writer, my poems started to tell me they wanted to get out more . I have a roving rambling heart myself so I completely understand . Happy travels .

Monday, August 15, 2011


I can quite entertain myself
Through delayed flights and missed connections,
Entertainment systems that don't work and fatigue.
But I can't accept the thought
That my saskatoons may go bad.
Last year's 'toons since this year's pick was sad
Were kept for me,
Just for me,
And waited for this day
When they could find their eastern way home.
Many a moon, cousins like yesterday,
Love and generosity,
That I bring back
Like a treasure.

Red Gold.

The beating hearts of regular people.
Small communities. 
Big families so far away.
For plane tickets and crops,
Some seasons are better than others.
Like seeds in the wind,
Cross country these jewels ride,
Always with a place to go,
Always with a place to stay,
If they can just keep frozen through the delay.

Cousins like gems,
Meals like events,
Food like love,

Red Gold.
Come what may.

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