After years of being a closet writer, my poems started to tell me they wanted to get out more . I have a roving rambling heart myself so I completely understand . Happy travels .

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Whenever I want to see
What a piece of heaven might be
All I need to do
Is think of you at two

When you're happy you don't just smile
Your eyes smile
Then I smile

When it's funny you don't just laugh
Your heart laughs
Then my heart laughs

All the words you've learned to say
Found some new mischievous ways
Up and at 'em every day
Such a charm to watch you play!

There goes trouble down the road
Riding trike in speeding mode
Possibilities explode!
Super cuteness overload!

Life's best little moments 
Are made big when

You give us them

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